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We Australian women have a lot to look up to when it comes to home-grown style icons, so I thought I’d do a series of profiles some of these doyennes of style. As I began to research and profile these women, the exciting thing was that in most cases, beyond being beautiful faces these women are savvy business women who have conquered the world with style.

Highly awarded screen siren Cate Blanchett and mother of three has now returned home to be co-artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company alongside husband Andrew Upton. Her statuesque physique and impeccable manner has been courted by fashion for an eternity, with long associations with Armani, and 2011 Harpers Bazaar shoot in almost exclusively Australian label Romance was Born. 

She takes amazing style risks almost always to incredible success. Take for example the molded, sculpted McQueen dress she wore to the launch of Benjamin Button: 

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And who could forget this extraordinary Givenchy gown worn to the Oscars this year: 

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And here are a few more re-carpet gown images, purely for couture candy: 

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From what I can see, her shoe choices are mostly nude, black, dark gold and very light silver. I however would love to see her wear shoes that really become apart of the incredible outfits that she wears so well! They don't have to be complex shapes - but maybe a strong turquoise suede: 

But if I really couldn't move her from neutrals, than a great textured neutral would be my recommend, like these dark cream snakeskin stiletto heels: 

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What an inspiring style icon - I hope you enjoyed! And let me know if you have one you'd like me to cover :) 

Jodie x

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