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It's been an incredible October and November, and I probably owe you an explanation about where all the shoe posts have been! I've been on a quest to bring you some exciting new things in 2012, that took me to many corners of the earth in the last two months. It was so much fun (except for that time when I accidentally wore peep toes in the snow - we'll talk about that). I'll start sharing with you very soon some of the projects we have underway, the design development and material sourcing I have been doing, but in the meantime there was a really exciting personal highlight that happened while I was away. Australia has an annual award called the Telstra businesswoman of the year award. It recognises and celebrates female business leaders, but most importantly draws awareness and agitates for changes to make for a better journey for women in business - something I passionately believe in.

At a state level I was a finalist in three of the five categories, and just a few short days ago I won the national award for Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Hudson Private Corporate Award. I honestly had no expectation of winning the award, so when they announced it and I heard Michael sitting beside me utter an involuntary "oh my god" I felt pretty amazing.... and in fact, I'm still pinching myself! 

There were some incredible people at the event to celebrate the awards with, including ex-Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd...

And my mum :)

And here is a photo of the team from New South Wales who together won four of the five national awards this year! 

Left to right: Professor Veena Sahajwalla, Jo Heighway, Catherine Burn and yours truly :) 

Shoes of Prey has been the most extraordinary experience so far, and I can really say with my hand on my heart that I wake up every morning so unbelievably excited that this is what I get to do today. It was an idea borne out of desire, and I'm really lucky to work as a part of an out-of-this-world founding team. If you have a dream, go chase it - don't waste a second longer!! 

Jodie x

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