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This Spring Summer 2011 pops of cobalt blue became the new black. If you're anything like me and feel wildly uncomfortable stepping outside of the spectrum of black-charcoal, here are some un-intimidating alternatives to your classic black staples that will look chic with neutral beige tones, or if you're feeling brave, with pops of bright yellow and primary red. 

Buy now or Customise these fabulous silk flats

Or, if you just can't do without a heel, here's a closed to snakeskin stiletto: 

And, if you're gearing up for a chilly holiday season, you might want to rug up with these super-soft suede ankle boots: 

I hope you enjoyed the focus on colbalt blue - do you already have this colour in your wardrobe? How you do wear it? 

And, if you don't it's time to embrace this stunning hue and start designing

Jodie x

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