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Can you pick which East coast Australian beach this is??

It's almost holiday time and I'm getting ready to head home to my parents for a week of being spoilt with great Sicilian cooking and family time. We have a new little cousin in the family this year and I just can't wait to dote on her and teach her how to say "shoes" :) 

My parents live in the country, right near one of Australia's most beautiful beach towns, which means I'm going to need beach-friendly foot wear - but it's also a very rainy Summer this year in Australia, so a few pairs of splash-friendly heels will also need to make it into the mix. 

Here's what I was thinking:

4 inch cork wedges for visits to the beach that turn into dinner by the beach - in my favorite colour of the moment - cobolt blue!

These smokin' booties to keep my toes dry if it rains... 

And, a pair of classic peep toe pumps in popping turquoise for everything else! 

Wow, I'm clearly obsessed with blue right now. 

So, just to shake it up a little are these twinkle-toe chic flats... 

Now, these aren't the only shoes I want to pack into my suitcase... this is just a start :)  I'll be posting some of my holiday outfits and shoes later this week! 

What are the basic shoes that will make it into your suitcase this holiday season? 

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