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This year we're celebrating your designs that make us swoon. We find it incredibly inspiring and it's the source of so much conversation in the Shoes of Prey office so I thought you might like to join in! Today's shoes are a 4.5 inch square heel, with platform. They're a closed toe made from luscious red suede, and they come from the imagination of Emma from Melbourne. 

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What's great about these shoes? They're classic, bold and sassy. Red shoes are a must-have in any wardrobe, and if you're not quite ready to leap into seriously avant guard shoe designs but love making a statement, these are a safe step in the right direction. Being the middle of Summer in Sydney (I'm currently soaking up the morning sun as I write) here's how I'd wear these shoes for a fun day outfit: 
As you can see, there are hints of red in the scarf and nails, on-trend references with the glasses shape and leather shorts. Easy to translate to a winter look as well - simply loose the fedora, add dark grey opaque stockings, a short jacket and a slouchy knitted tote. 

How would you wear these shoes? 

Jodie x
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