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I love wearing black and white. In fact, if you forbade me from wearing colour for the rest of 2012, I'd probably be completely comfortable with that. In fact, I am historically challenged in this area. Don't get me wrong, I love colour. I just love black and white more. The girls in the office have been pushing me out of the rut. These are girls who make red and pink go together. A very big change for a girl who's day-today wardrobe is kind of like this:

They even got me wearing this skirt recently: 

Pretty, right? 

I digress. This post is about monochrome. 


Now, animal print has been huge for the past 6 months. I do mean *huge*. When we launched Zebra print, I couldn't believe how popular it was. The ankle booties in the lead image to this post are one of the best uses of Zebra print I've seen. I love that they look so luxe. These are a must have for fashionistas (monochrome and colour lovers alike) looking for a chic option for chilly weather. 

Next up is a wardrobe staple - the black ballet flat. But, why not go for something cute and unique? 

I realise that I rarely feature lower heel heights, so for the black and white office heel, here's my usual 4.5 inch heel, side by side with a 2 inch kitten heel option. 

4.5 inch Stiletto: Buy now or Customise
2 inch Stiletto: Buy now or Customise

So tell me, are you a monochrome or colour lover? 

Jodie x
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