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The night of nights for the American music industry has recently passed and it's yet another chance to watch red carpet arrivals in anticipation of more gorgeous couture. There are a number of events like it this week so it certainly won't be our last review of beautiful things over the next couple of days! 

First things first - a big nod of approval must go to Alicia Keys (pictured above) for the shoe of the night. It's a Louboutin creation of clear and black material. The shape could have put the shoes in to the "office wear" category but the ankle strap and clear material make these perfect for an event full of rockstars! Rihanna also gave her blessings to these shoes by also wearing them on the night - both pulled off the look to perfection. 

Now to the brave and fun! Take a look at Fergie's ensemble. Somehow this underwear as part of outerwear didn't land in the too-daring-to-show-grandma pile. Despite that orange isn't my choice of colour, the fact that it's light, bright, cut as a "conservative" dress might be, there is full-coverage underwear happening and she certainly has the figure to wear it, I feel like it works! What do you think? 

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Now to the woman who accessorises even with her hair, Katy Perry. 

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No doubt there are a pair of fab icy silver or blue stilettos under this frock - maybe a little something like this? 

Last but not least, Taylor wowed us with a gorgeous golden gown with ancient motifs and classic shaping. 

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What are your thoughts on the Grammy's couture? Did you have a favorite dress? 

Jodie x

Images by PR Photos. No endorsement implied. 

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