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On Sunday I checked out the Australian Shoe Fair. It's an event for Buyers to meet wholesalers and it's run by Fashion Exposed. For us, it's a great opportunity to check out what's going to be on shelves next season! Amongst sparkles, stilettos and still more 5 inch heels, we found a few fun things:

  • soft pads that heat up when you open the packet to keep toes warm when it's icy cold out...but you can't compromise your outfit by wearing boots and thick socks!
  • heel candy - stoppers you can put on the spike of your heel to stop yourself from sinking in to the grass at the races/at the garden wedding.

I also came across delicious brand "Estilo Emporio". This label started in the 70's in Spain under the name "Sitges" and moved continents after political unrest shook the country. After establishing themselves in Australia the company continued doing what they do best, crafting boots and bags using luscious materials from all over Europe, including Italy, Spain and France. About 4 years ago "Sitges" became "Estilo Emporio", and the 2 daughters of the family started to take the reigns. This season the girls are most inspired by embellishments - lots of studs, laces and detail!

I ordered a pair of boots, arriving today - stay tuned for photos!

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