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Happy Friday! And, it's time to celebrate design of the week. These fun and fabulous sandals have been designed by Russian olympic hopeful, Katya Gamova. Katya is Russia's top female volleyball player. Russia's female Volleyball team are the best in the world. Now that's a pretty extraordinary title she holds! 

Katya's design is fresh and light, creating that statement pop of bright colour that's so integral to trends right now. To me it's the evolution of the 80's approach to colour. It's still in big, bold, solid blocks, but in modernised palettes and shapes. 

While Katya no doubt spends a vast amount of her time focussed mentally and physically on her career as world-class athlete, she's also a girl like you and I. During her time off in the Volleyball world tournament in Japan, she and her team members spent time walking around Tokyo shopping, because "shopping is the best medicine for a woman". Personally speaking, this slightly assuaged my guilt after a recent sample sale overspend... So if you're reading this, my lovely partner... that little blip on the credit card is wellbeing, medicine, confidence elixir, not just clothes ;) 

Anyway, we love your design Katya and warmly wish you well for 2012 in London!
Jodie x
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