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Are these weeks flying past quickly or is it just me? Perhaps it's just that we've had two four day weeks in a row here in Australia... Or that I was in Phuket this time last week? While it feels long ago now, the grains of sand I keep finding in my purse are a friendly reminder of the sun-drenched beaches and coconut shakes of last week :) 

Now, to shoes!! Orange fishskin is a hugely underrated material in my opinion. When I was creating the palettes for the material recommendations in our 3d designer, I couldn't believe just how many materials it worked with. I also became increasingly excited about the material, partly because I'm just in love with all things gold right now and this orange gold combination really appeals to that obsession. 

Because fishskin is such a textured and thick material it can be tricky to design with. It's not great to make decorations from, but it is great to juxtapose with a sleek, shiny patent leather. Or, to just let look fantastic on it's own. 

Have you created fishskin designs with us already? How did you use it? 

Jodie x

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