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This post is coming to you from my home town in country New South Wales, Lismore. And, as you may have guessed it, I'm working from my home town because this weekend is mother's day! 

Anyway, as I madly rushed to the plane (I managed to get myself and my luggage on, despite only arriving at check-in 20 mins before departure :-0) I almost forgot the reason I was coming home and my mothers gift for Sunday!!! My mum is the woman who sparked my love of shoes. I can still remember feeling excited when I heard her stiletto heels clipping down the hall way when she got home from work, and shopping for buttery soft leather heels with red leather lightning bolts down the sides in 1980's Sicily. So, there seems to always be one perfect gift for her from me... ;) 

So, in case you're a little low on time like I am, but don't want get caught out racing to the nearest chemist/service station/24 hour supermarket on Sunday morning to buy her something to show her you care, get to it right now and click here to receive instant delivery on your Shoes of Prey gift certificate purchase

And, to all the mothers out there reading this blog, happy mothers day for Sunday! You are truly extraordinary women. 

Jodie x
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