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This is one for all the graphic design, creative and print ladies out there - a post of shoes representing CYMK* 

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C is for Cyan, and the above shoes are perfect for wearing under a cyan blue sky next to a cyan blue ocean... 

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M is for Magenta. These booties are perfect to wear at chilly Autumn afternoons, when the sunsets are bright red, orange and... magenta ;)

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Y is for Yellow and these brillant ballerinas are for wearing in sunshiny days...

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K is for Key which also means black - these shoes are the perfect evening stiletto to wear under a dark evening sky... or in the office... but that doesn't nearly relate to the colour black as well as the nighttime, now does it? Hehehe. 

I hope you have a gorgeous start to the week!

Jodie x

*CMYK are an abbreviation of four colours used in a printing process often referred to as CYMK. The letters stand for: Cyan (blue), Magenta, Yellow and Key (black)
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Posted by on 14 May 2012.