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Beth Shak
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We’ve all heard of divorced couples fighting over the house and kids - but the shoes? It happens.

Beth Shak, a professional poker player and noted heel addict in the US, is currently being sued by her ex-husband, Daniel, who wants a piece of her $US1 million shoe-drobe. The lucrative collection apparently comprises of around 1200 pairs of stunning shoes  - more than half of which are Christian Louboutins - which Daniel claims his former wife hid from him throughout their marriage.

The situation raises a bunch of questions, like how exactly did Daniel miss the floor-to-ceiling shoe shelves, Beth's various appearances on shows like God Save My Shoes and, er, the 1200 shoe-shaped parcels coming through the door?

More importantly, the story spotlights one conundrum that applies to us all: just how many shoes are too many?

How many heels do you own? Do you wear some constantly but never touch others? Of the styles below, which do you need more of?

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