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Strappy wedges, glamorous? Of course. Sexy? Undoubtedly. But multi-tasking? Well, perhaps not. Until now.

You see, our design of the week pulls together seemingly contrasting elements and wraps them up in one slinky-yet-smart package - and that's what we love about it.

Take the shape: practical and comfy, the four-inch heel and elasticated upper straps will see you sail through BBQs and picnics alike. On the other hand, the tan fishskin flecked with gold lends the style a luxe edge that's a cut above the ordinary.

Glam enough for a day at the races, relaxed enough for lunch with friends, these could just be your new wardrobe essential.

Could you wear this shoe? How would you do it?

Jade x

At Shoes of Prey we make the perfect shoes for you. Which means you choose the shape, colour and height that suits.

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