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When was the last time you felt truly, madly, deeply excited about slipping your feet into a pair of heels? If it's been a while, we'd like to introduce you to our design of the week - aka the brightest, cheeriest, comfiest platform wedges around.

Thanks to the round-toe shape and supportive one-inch platform at the front (that rises to a five-inch wedge at the back), these charmers are an all-terrain vehicle for urban adventures - as ready for pounding the pavement as they are for giving you a leg-up at the bar. 

But it's the colour that really stands out - a radiant lemon bursting with the kind of sunshiney optimism that leaves the yellow submarine for dead. 

At the office, show them off under skinny black pants; on the weekend they'd be perfect with jeans. But no matter how you work them, the expensive-without-trying fishskin texture guarantees a sophisticated finish - and compliments galore. 

In the words of Rachel Zoe they're "bananas" (translation: even a monkey knows they're hot); but we see them more as a wearable smile for weary feet.

Could you wear these shoes? How would you do it? 

Jade x

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