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She's a news reader with years of experience working for the BBC, but Sonali Shah's role as an Olympic correspondent at the London 2012 games presented her with a new conundrum: how to show her support for Team GB in a stylish and professional way on screen? 

The answer was, of course, with beautiful Shoes of Prey heels. 

Sonali found that slipping on a pair of our 6-inch stilettos with perforated brogue-style toe and heel decorations was the perfect way to let her true colours show. Crafted in soft dark blue, red and white leather, the World News presenter says the patriotic platforms drew compliments from colleagues and athletes alike. 

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"They really are gorgeous - Becky Adlington's mum spotted them in the BBC Green room," she adds. 

The shoes were definitely a topic of conversation when Shah interviewed double Olympic gold medalist, heel addict and fellow Shoes of Prey fan, Victoria Pendleton.

We're thrilled to see such strong and successful women show off their perfect shoes. What do you think of Sonali's design? How would you wear them?  

At Shoes of Prey we make the perfect shoes for you. Which means you choose the shape, colour and height that suits.

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