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It's one of those eternal fashion questions (like do black and brown go together and what exactly is a "sample" size?): can grown-ups wear glitter? 

Sure, any tween can rock a sparkly hair bow but, at some point, twinkles just become twee. Or do they. 

The fact is, at Shoes of Prey, we believe trends are ageless - it's simply about tweaking them to suit your needs. Case in point: these adorable shimmery slippers. 

In our durable ruby-red glitter with red piped edges, these slip-ons side-step glitter's disco and drag queen heritage to strike a perfect balance between old-school and avant-garde. 

Whether you wear them under jeans or a flirty frock, they're the kind of anything-but-ordinary flats guaranteed to garner compliments (and adventures galore). Just ask Dorothy.

Could you wear this shoe? How would you do it?

Jade x

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