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As Shoes of Prey continues to grow we’re looking to hire a Customer Acquisition Specialist to help us attract and acquire new customers. You’ll be testing, executing and measuring campaigns using AdWords, Facebook, display, SEO, affiliate advertising, cross promotions, partnerships, email marketing and potentially more traditional channels like print, radio and TV with the goal of acquiring customers for Shoes of Prey at a reasonable cost and at scale. Your key goal will be to test and find successful channels, then focus on acquiring as many customers as possible through them.

To be killing it in this role and considered an A Player on the Shoes of Prey team, here are the 3 key things you’ll have achieved after 12 months in this role (in priority order):

1. You not only live and breathe Shoes of Prey’s culture and values, you’ve contributed to growing and developing them. People on the team enjoy spending time with you and are fighting to be able to work closely with you.

2. You’ve increased 5 fold the traffic coming to our website. The traffic is high quality, scoring similar or better than our existing traffic on metrics like conversion rate, bounce rate, time on site and page views per visit.

3. You’re Shoes of Prey’s marketing analytical genius and recognised internally as the go-to person for marketing analysis. You’re across every marketing metric on a daily basis identifying our successes and the areas we should focus further. You’re also across our marketing failures using these to learn and develop ways to increase our sales.

Our ideal candidate for this role is someone who can clearly show us that they’ve achieved similar things in a role before.

Your work experience clearly identifies that you have the following traits:

  • Passion for online marketing. You love online marketing, it’s like a game to you. Increasing metrics like sales, traffic and conversion rates is as exciting to you as playing the best computer game. You read online marketing blogs and love soaking up and applying the latest trends and learnings in the industry.

  • Success in online marketing. You’ve driven online marketing initiatives that have lead to significant growth for the company you’ve worked for. You can verify this by setting up a reference check with your manager at this company at the end of the hiring process.

  • Tenacity and scrappiness. You’re able to make things work with limited resources. When things don’t go as planned and you’re missing your targets, you’ll go to the ends of the earth iterating, learning, pivoting and doing what it takes to hit your targets.

  • Analytical. You’re a numbers person. You did well at maths in high school and potentially studied maths, science or finance at university. (We prefer these to a marketing degree).

The total salary package for this role will be $60k-$80k including bonuses, super and stock. As with all roles at Shoes of Prey, lunch + snacks + shoes are of course included! We’re willing to sponsor someone internationally to move to Sydney for this role. The role will report into Michael Fox.

We’re excited to build a world class online retail marketing team at Shoes of Prey and you’ll be one of the first people to join it. If you think you have what it takes to please email your resume and cover letter to

We're also hiring for a very similar role at Sneaking Duck. You're welcome to apply for both roles if you're interested in both brands. Please review the Sneaking Duck job description and apply separately here.

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