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We're excited to reveal the debut of our collaboration with designer Mandy Coon on the catwalk in New York!

Since launching her label in 2010, Coon has become known for her pared-back, ultra-modern take on big city dressing. For her spring/summer 2013 collaboration with Shoes of Prey, the some-time model and DJ combined utilitarian shapes in stamped lambskin leather with metallic-edged fishskin sandals, toe-capped mesh wedges and ankle-wrap stilettos to take her bold, graphic vision to the next level. 

"The basic structure of all things is made up of mathematical sequences that, when made visible, are beautiful," Coon explained, noting that the graphic prints in the show were derived from the visual signature of a Miike Snow MIDI track. "I was intrigued to find that there are similar sequences that occur in both music and nature." 

The result was a collection that referenced science, but never lost sight of the street; that offered a vision as precise as a syncopated beat, but still pulsed with real-world heart. Just like Miss Coon herself, one imagines.

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