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Well there is a buzz in the really warm, un-Autumn air as Rosemount Australian Fashion Week started today in Sydney. Traditional local media swarmed not only around the fashion, but also the bloggers in the front-row - and here's what we mean...a shot from @sassybella of the RAFW facebooker and @susiebubble:

Incidentally, if you're looking for great coverage, checkout the following front-rowers: @pattyhuntington, @sassybella, @sassisam, @imeldamatt (all about shoes - love it) and @marie_claire_au.

So, what about the fashion?

Here are some of my favorite looks from today:

Samantha Harris in the first blush-nude draped look for Lisa

This image comes from the Marie Claire folder and it's the first dress of the first show out on the runway - Samantha Harris (on the cover of this month's Vogue Australia) opens the show for Lisa Ho, in fabulous draping material in the colour du jour - a Springtime blush/nude... very much in the same mould as my fave dress from Donna Karen SS10...

I am also having some weak moments when in the presence of prints. Cue Nina Maya (who isn't at fashion week)... and also, Lisa Ho again! I am also crossing my fingers and hoping to see some of more of this from @Zimmerman tomorrow. Photo is from @pattyhuntington,

But what about her feet?? I know - sadly, it seems that shoes aren't getting much camera time at fashion week. But, let's use some imagination... this is what I would have put with the Lisa Ho nude:

Tonally, a match but using the ankle boot keeps it tough to make the look cool and not too classic....maybe with some sheer grey ankle socks if you're feeling it?

Here's the Carly Hunter final look courtesy of @imeldamatt:

Gorgeous, fluid, fun textures and prints... maybe with a little something like this?:

And Uscari *sigh*...I want to wear this IMMEDIATELY!! shot also from @imeldamatt...

With these shoes:

And finally, Aurelio Costarella - feels to me like romance in the order of Valentino, with the texture of a Viktor and Rolf. I can't wait to see more from him - photo from @pattyhuntington on

And, of course, if this dress was mine, I'd be wearing these shoes:

Got a different shoe in mind for one of the shots above? I'd love to see your designs! Post them back in the comments below.

Looking forward to day 2! Goodnight!

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