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This year Shoes of Prey is proud to be involved in Pink October by donating $25 from every pink order to our partner breast cancer charities - Pink Hope in Australia, Bright Pink in US and Breakthrough in the UK.

We're inspired to get behind this brilliant cause which aims to increase awareness of breast cancer and support those whose lives have been touched - people like Shoes of Prey customer Julie Harrison. 

We're grateful to share Julie's story here.

"Today I am well, though I do have days of doubt when I wonder if it will come back. But to me that's normal.

"I visit oncology every six months, which is great, and have started a little online Facebook business called Grabba Giftbox as a hobby which keeps me busy after work, and my mind distracted by being creative. 

"After my journey, I now appreciate life more, and what it has to offer. I also appreciate those close to me, and am very thankful to my partner, family and my friends who were a fantastic support. Supporters make the world of difference, and are a great comfort. As are the breast care nurses, who are always there. 

"To anyone about to start their journey, or going through it, you can overcome this hurdle. Think positive, take time out for yourself, and follow your dreams. If there is something you really want to do, go do it, and don't let anything stop you. Live your dream." 

To find out more about Pink October visit Pink Hope in Australia, Bright Pink in US and Breakthrough in the UK. To support this campaign in custom-designed pink shoes, visit our gallery for inspiration or 3D designer to choose the shape, colour and height of your perfect shoes now. 

At Shoes of Prey we make the perfect shoes for you. 
Which means you choose the shape, colour and height that suits. 

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