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As you may have guessed, Hunter is a cat! (She also happens to be Shoes of Prey founder Jodie Fox's housemate, wingman and number one fan.)

But truly, there's a little hunter in all women, right? Think about it: every woman is constantly stalking the perfect pair of shoes. Sexy, comfortable, chic heels are the Holy Grail, a combination of style and substance that's for some reason continually out of reach. 

Our mission is to help the "hunter" inside every woman to get the shoes she needs. That's the ethos behind the name Shoes of Prey, and why getting in touch with us by emailing makes perfect sense. 

So, while Hunter might not be the one to type out answers to any questions you send through - her spirit inspires everything we do. And, you never know, one day she just might respond... once we teach her how to use a computer.

At Shoes of Prey we make the perfect shoes for you. 
Which means you choose the shape, colour and height that suits. 

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