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As loyal shoppers may have spotted, we recently raised our prices across our range of styles. 

First of all - thanks for noticing. We really appreciate your interest and feedback. 

Second, the reason for the increase is straightforward: we've adjusted our prices in response to currency changes, taxes and duties. 

We're conscious of keeping our prices fair across all currencies - particularly for American and European shoppers who've experienced currency fluctuations in the last few years. We understand this is frustrating - no one likes to pay more for things they love - so to compensate, we're happy to announce free shipping on all orders, all the time

The truth is, taking into consideration the nixed shipping and incorporated taxes, our current prices are now lower than ever.

As an example, for our customers within the European Union, a pair of our high heels used to cost €200 + €15 shipping, a total of €215. Previously customers were responsible for any taxes and duties that were payable which, depending on the country amounted to a VAT per cent in the high teens then another six to eight per cent in import duty, so around 25 per cent in total. On a €215 cost price this added another €53.75 to the purchase price of a pair of shoes for a total cost of €268.75. It's true that sometimes customs would ignore small parcels like this and not worry about charging customers, but in many cases they did and as Shoes of Prey has grown larger our parcels were being stopped and our customers being charged more and more.

Under our new pricing structure this same pair of shoes costs €249 including shipping and Shoes of Prey pays the taxes and duties for you, a saving of €19.75. Examples with very similar numbers apply in the UK, US, Canada and many other countries that charge taxes and duties on products purchased online from outside the country.

So while our new prices may look more expensive, when you factor in that we're now paying all the taxes and duties for you, they're actually more affordable - and of course they're still the fantastic quality, custom shoes that you've come to love from us.

While we've got your attention, we'd love to use this opportunity to reflect and celebrate our awesome customers. A day has not passed in 2012 when a truly excellent shopper hasn't hit us up via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or this very blog to let us know how much they adore their shoes. 

To everyone who's shopped and shared with us in 2012, we're sending the love right back at you: post a pic of any Shoes of Prey shoes purchased after January 1, 2012 via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and on January 30 we'll select the best pic and refund that person the entire cost (including shipping) of their shoes. 

Your picture could be of shoes on your feet, on the street, in your closet, or on your neighbour's pooch. Simply mark your post with the hashtag #iloveshoesofprey and we'll know exactly where you're coming from. 

Thanks again for your time and interest from everyone at Shoes of Prey.

At Shoes of Prey we make the perfect shoes for you. 
Which means you choose the shape, colour and height that suits. 

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