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We've just added some new leathers to the collection. If you're a Sydney girl or you've chilled out at my place and looked over the leather swatch book, you will have seen these before... but now it's time to share the love around a little...

We've added in sequins, floral printed snakeskin, "newspaper print" calfskin and black and tan snakeskin.

Gold Sequin Shiny Soft Leather

Black Sequin Shiny Soft Leather

Silver Sequin Shiny Soft Leather

Floral (Snake Imprint) Soft Leather

White with Black Text Soft Leather

Light Tan with Black Genuine Snake Skin

BUT, there's more to the story than that...

We understand that sometimes less choice is more. So while on the one hand we're putting more materials into the range, we've also created a ready-to-wear collection of shoes that you can order right off the rack.

Beware though girls, the stock we keep of these is limited, so you'll need to get in quickly to snap these up! they include some of my personal favorites... including the 4.5 inch closed toe nude heels... video coming out on these soon!

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