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It's official: we've opened our very first stand-alone boutique within the Australian department store, David Jones.

Located on the fourth floor of the iconic Elizabeth Street flagship, the Shoes of Prey concept space is easy to identify on the shop floor thanks to the dramatic black backdrop and 2.4 metre flower sculpture which features our shoes growing out of a large round table and blooming towards the ceiling.

On the table are six iPads which customers can use to design shoes. Also within reach are boxes containing swatches of our 170-plus materials that shoppers can play with and get a feel for how the different shades and textures work together.   

ARIA winning artist Neal Sutherland composed a sound track which plays from the centre of the table, and our very own Shoes of Prey scent also emanates from the middle of the table.

The store is stocked with our full sizing range which runs from 2.5 - 15 (European 31 - 49), a point that was of particular interest for willowy Australian supermodels Samantha Harris and Montana Cox - two of the first shoppers to discover the space. 

The way it works is this: customers design their shoes on the iPads in store, pay for their design at the end of the process (prices range from $159 to $359 - detailed here) then receive their finished product delivered to their door within four to six weeks. 

For our international fans, we're thrilled to introduce the boutique and give you a sense of the look and feel of the store below. 

For Sydneysiders, we hope you visit us on the fourth floor of David Jones Elizabeth Street soon! 

Photography: Xiaohan Shen, models wear Lover (Montana) and Romance Was Born (Samantha) - all available at David Jones.

At Shoes of Prey we make the perfect shoes for you. 
Which means you choose the shape, colour and height that suits. 

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