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Back on 3 May we posted to this blog that we were hiring and wow, were we overwhelmed with the response! We had more than 20 applications, most of which were incredibly impressive people who we could have hired immediately. We couldn't believe it.

So with applications of this calibre we put a lot of our other work on hold and got interviewing.

Our mindset of being able to hire nearly all of the applicants didn't change at all, in fact interviewing people only made the decision even harder. We had so many people who exceeded the criteria we'd set out for who we wanted to hire and it was an incredibly hard decision.

In the end though, we couldn't go past Carmen Roche. Carmen has a bachelor of Arts and a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University. As a graduate she spent 7 years working in the marketing team at Accenture, followed by 2 years at the US Treasury Department as an International Economist. She was 2/3 of the way through a PhD in law focusing on Trade and Development when she had her first child. She's been out of the workforce for a couple of years taking care of her two young boys and was looking for a role out of the traditional corporate space that could offer her the flexibility to work from a mix of an office and at home. She's fluent in Spanish and also speaks French reasonably well.

Carmen obviously has a lot more experience than the role we advertised requires (as did a lot of the candidates). So we've rethought the role and once she ramps up, the plan will be for Carmen to essentially replace Michael in managing all of our operations. Michael will then focus more of his time on business development.

Carmen started with us this week and we're extremely excited to have her join us. Welcome to the team Carmen!

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