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Recently, Daniel approached us about an amazing idea he'd had for proposing to his gorgeous girlfriend Jessica. It is such a romantic tale and definitely reinforces the notion that chivalry and romance are far from dead. Although I'd love to tell you the story, Daniel really does it best, so here it is in his own words:

My name is Daniel I live in Mexico City and have been asked by the fine team at Shoes of Prey to write a blog entry in regards to a great big step that they helped me come to life: proposing to my girlfriend, and I write this small contribution very gladly.

Jessica (my fiancee) is a shoe lover. She cannot resist the temptation of at least having a good look into any shoe store that we may pass at any mall or walking down any street, here in Mexico or anywhere in the world. So, I wanted to propose to her in a way that was totally unexpected and that at the same time brought together a couple of things that I knew would most likely make her very very happy: shoes and the ring!

Mexico has a good history of shoe manufacturing so I embarked on that mission by investigating local shoemakers and their products. However, I was looking for something that I could personalize. I wanted to be able to say that I designed the shoe. How it looked, the materials it would be made of and, most of all, I wanted to make one that I knew would be loved by Jessica. And so I googled and quickly discovered Shoes of Prey.

I was immediately blown away.

The fact that you can go in and design the shoe from an assort of available shapes, styles, materials and accessories had me playing with the web page for a long time. After reading all of the information available on the site I decided to make contact and plant the question: Would Shoes of Prey would be willing to help me write my proposal into a beautiful pair of shoes? The answer was a definitive Yes! Mike, Carmen, Vanessa and everyone who I have written with loved the idea and went overboard to make it happen. They even had a new stamp made so that the insole of the shoe could read: "Jessica, will you marry me?" and they did not even want to charge me extra for it.

I had a month and a half to think about how I was going to set up everything while the shoes where on their way. I decided that I would rent a room at a nice hotel and set it up with flowers and the shoes as the center of attention.

I told Jessica that I wanted to take her to a very nice Japanese restaurant that she wanted to go to for dinner, but when we arrived there was no service available, because they where out of power. So a little bump in the road but fortunately this did not derail anything else. We drove around and found a nice Peruvian restaurant (great ceviche) and had a pleasant dinner while watching the Uruguay - Germany match for 3rd place in the world cup.I hurried Jessica to sip her coffee because I was starting to get uneasy.

I told her that I had a surprise for her and made her put on a scarf she was wearing as a blind-fold. After a short drive to get to the hotel I lead her to the door and opened it for her. I took the blind off and her first concern was that she wanted to know where we where.

She seemed excited and unsure of what was happening. I, on the other hand, had had a lot of trouble just opening the door.

I encouraged to keep looking around and eventually she came to see the shoes, which I set up between two orchids, because the day that we became a couple I gave her a beautiful orchid as a gift and kept the another just like it myself and wanted to symbolize that again.

Jessica says that when she first saw the shoes we thought that I had done all this to give her a couple of big-name branded shoes such as Jimmy Choo or Laboutin (it recently was her birthday), so she was trying to read what the box said, but could not make out what they said, so she immediately looked into the shoes and, expecting to read a brand on the insole, she hesitated.

All the while she had her back turned to me and I was desperately trying to pry the ring off my inside jacket pocket, because I couldn't quite take it out... hands where not working properly.

After Jessica hesitated she seemed to read my proposal more clearly and turn around to me, but by then I was on my knee with the ring in front and proposed. She was thrilled and said a million times Yes. We celebrated with lot's of champagne.

I must say that everything turned out even better than what I ever could have imagined. Every one in Jessica's family and friends have loved the shoes and the proposal. I honestly could not have done it without the pair of Italian silk shoes that Shoes of Prey so diligently put together. We have even ordered a second pair made out of patent leather so that we can put the original ones on a display case because Jessica does not want them to have anything happen to them. She will definitely be designing her shoes for the wedding and even her sisters and mother also want to design their own to go with what will be their dresses. No final date yet, but looks like May next year.

Mike, Carmen, Vanessa, and everyone at Shoes of Prey, thanks once again for helping me make this happen.

Daniel - thanks for sharing this brilliant story and pictures with us - it really was our pleasure to work with you on your truly imaginative and romantic idea!

As a footnote, I should say that this was our first foray into personalised printing and unfortunately we can't yet offer printing unique statements or logos in our shoes as a permanent service. To do this we need to manufacture a unique metal stamp which is both time consuming and costly... but of course we couldn't resist doing this to help out Daniel with his wedding proposal to Jessica!

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