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Since we introduced wedges into our range they have become a really popular choice and the way they're being used is really surprising and exciting ways so I thought I'd share a few with you. The thing that I have found particularly surprising is: in my mind I had always classified wedges as casual wear, but our customers have been putting up some pretty impressive evening wear designs using the wedge heel.

One of my favorites is this one here.

What I thought was SO clever about this design was the choice of the double-edged trim. This really enhances the overall shape of the shoe. The colour choices are also gorgeous. Interestingly, I think that if you looked at these materials individually on the leathers page they can look really intimidating as they are very bold. However, this combination of materials and where they have been used on each part the shoe make them a really easy-to-wear, go- with (almost)-anything pair of shoes. In short, I think that there was great foresight in putting this design together!

Another one is this interesting use of the covered wedge in the Italian Silk.

As I mentioned above, I wouldn't have thought to make an evening glamour shoe with a wedge heel shape - Normally I would have picked a stiletto heel for but I really loved this design. It feels new and confident, I really like it!

Then we have some fabulous cork wedges using leopard print and Italian silk! I just love the risk and glamour of these shoes!

And now for some fun - these white and orange patent leather low wedges just feel so fresh, clean, bright and Summery. A nod to the 70's but definitely not "antiquated" in any way.

And finally, again a bit of fun - here we have a very bold pair of covered wedges. It's my assumption that these were designed with a particular outfit in mind and while I don't have an outfit to match I thought that there were fun and worth sharing!

How do you wear your wedges?

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