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Last weekend I faced up to the task of attempting (yet again) to come up with a shoe-storage solution that I am happy with at home. The fact of the matter is, I have too many shoes. I have relegated a number of them to underneath my desk in the office, tried storing them over a number of cupboards (irritating when you're looking for a particular pair in a hurry) and even tried (very unsuccessfully) making them apart of the design features in my house. And, I'm not interested in parting with a single pair of them. So the solution thus far is: I have more shoes than linen. As you can see in the picture, I have ousted the linen from the linen cupboard and re-assigned it to be my shoe cupboard. Such is life in an inner-city apartment.

Above: Here are my relegated shoes, lined up under the desk...

My preference for this kind of shoe storage where there are high shelf spaces, is boxed, with the photo on the outside of the shoe box, so that the shoes are kept safe and pristine, while easy to see what's there, making getting ready in the morning at least twenty times easier. I know it sounds like a bit of a contradiction to say that I want to keep my shoes pristine (after all, you wear them on your feet), but I just hate when the toe-box of the shoe gets squashed by the weight of things thrown on top of it - it makes the shoe look crumpled and tired. Believe me - I have learnt this lesson the hard way on more than one occasion. I like to use cardboard boxes, or at least something that breathes. I think that the clear plastic boxes are a great idea, but I live in an area of Sydney that is known to be a little damp and plastic shoe boxes only create problems with mould and other gross things that a girl shouldn't have to deal with when it comes to her couture!

Anyway, I threw the same question (how do you store your shoes?) out to the Shoes of Prey FB page. Here are some other suggestions I got:

  • Plastic bins - one for boots, one for everyday shoes, one for good shoes
  • Purpose-built shoe shelves (anyone else in LOVE with this idea?)
  • Lined up against the wall
  • In Ikea boxes under the bed, separated
  • On a book-shelf that's now the shoe-shelf
  • On racks on the floor of the cupboard.
  • Floordrobe (hilarious - but we all have one from time-to-time!)

So about those purpose built custom shelves, make-up artist (whom we use at Shoes of Prey) Christina Cleary is actually the lucky woman who has these! and she was kind enough to send me a picture to share with you...


My dream shoe cupboard would be custom made... polished wooden drawers lining an entire wall, that are open at the front so that you can see every single pair lined up inside, one row of shoes per drawer. Maybe even dim lights glowing in each drawer so I can really properly see the shoes lined up in there, and the inside of the drawer would be ever so slightly angled downward so that the shoes sit right at the front of the drawer. Then, a deep drawer as the bottom drawer with long rods in it to put my boots on so that they keep their shape. I'm still looking for a photo to show you, I'll post it here if I ever find it.... it's possible it doesn't exist... otherwise, I'll post it when I finally build it myself!!

If I had my dream shoe cupboard, I would categorise my shoes by heel height and/or occasion. For example:

  • sandles
  • sport shoes
  • ballet flats
  • mid heels, closed
  • mid heels, strappy
  • high heels
  • Ankle boots
  • Boots

How do you store your shoes? what storage hints and tips have you learnt along the way? what is your dream shoe storage solution?

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