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From Pantone

On more than one occasion I have been accused (rightly) of wearing little more than the spectrum of black... and percentages there of (i.e. grey). But, in my defence I have always been comfortable to accent my outfits with candy-store colours on my feet.

This year, the Spring runway shows displayed an overwhelming return to a fuller colour palette, including shades of (albeit on the pastel side of things) lavender, pink, blue and green. Of course we mostly saw this in the clothing, but if you're like me and not ready to give up the well-structured, reliable black wardrobe, you could get involved with your shoes.

Here are a couple of examples of leathers in our range that fit into the above Pantone colours and might just tempt you into expanding your wardrobe palette:

This could be a great fit for Beeswax.

This could be a great fit for Silver Peony.

I admit this falls somewhere between Peapod and Blue Curacao, but it's such a great shade!

And this could be a great match for Silver Cloud

More food for thought... happy designing!

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