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Last year was been jam-packed with travel - sourcing trips, and holiday season trips home to see the family. One thing that I find eternally difficult is the fact that my gorgeous shoes require meticulous packing to prevent getting damaged, and even then, they take up SO much space in my bag.

My current strategy has been in place for sometime now - which is to put folded socks inside of the shoe to help keep it's shape, and then I pack them in an "interlocking" shape (see picture below - I don't think I can do it justice with words!)

...and then put them into the dust bags they came in, and wrap them in whatever I have that's soft in my suitcase… in this instance, scarves and jumpers.

I just wonder if anyone out there has a different technique or solution for this? I've posted this question to our Facebook wall too, so feel free to respond here in the comments or on our Facebook page :)

Jodie x

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