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I love fashion, and I am particularly inspired by what people in the street are wearing. Maybe it's the bravery of bringing exciting fashion into an everyday scenario, or maybe it's because it helps me to relate to fashion better… maybe it's that same idea we've all caught onto thanks to Scott Shumann…. either way, I love it. It's actually what inspired the name Shoes of Prey… the idea of spotting great pieces on people in the street then "hunting" for them when you shop. Well, it's definitely what I do :)

But, today I had a revelation about the way I look day-to-day and it stems back to something that happened when I was in Shanghai recently. We were staying with some friends who are *really* great dressers. One morning, Andy declared he would wear his Hard-Yakka overalls (dark blue, workman overalls) to work. The thing is, Andy isn't a builder. Andy is a creative in a global advertising agency based in Shanghai. After 20 minutes of waiting in the next room, he emerged, triumphant.

Overalls with collared shirt, tie… I was so impressed by the edgy, exciting way an outfit had come together from a piece of clothing that sounded impossible to wear to an office... how did he do it? and how I can dress so cooly!?

I thought about the way I buy. I realised that when I shop, like Andy, I do buy pieces thoughtfully, that I really love (like a green cape from Staple that I think I might get brave enough to wear... photo to come!). I buy items that I can see coming together with the rest of my wardrobe whether that be cut or colour… but when I go to get dressed in the morning, unlike Andy, I prize those additional minutes of sleep, make-up and preening hair over thoughtfully putting my outfit together. All I need is 15 more minutes in my schedule. And I think it's going to have to come at the cost of 15 minutes sleep.

But why am I writing about this? Simply because, liking what you're wearing makes you feel good. It's funny how being "put together" really lifts up the way you feel about yourself. I'm not unrealistic - I know that it won't conquer "those days"… you know the one… no matter how beautiful the dress, no matter how much money you've saved and spent on the outfit, no outfit looks "right". But, for all us busy people out there - take the extra 15 minutes to get ready and enjoy it - it is a great small investment in something that will really help to make it a good day, and that's my new years resolution :)

Jodie x

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