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Here at Shoes of Prey, we're working towards waterproofing your shoes for you before we send them to you, however in the meantime, (like all other shoes) particularly when you purchase Italian silk, suede, fish skin shoes or snakeskin, we recommend that you waterproof them before the first wear, because these materials are much more prone to be damaged if they get wet. Our other materials like soft leather can also be conditioned and waterproofed which will increase the longevity of the shoes, but it's not totally necessary. Materials like patent leather, shiny soft leather, sequins and hair shouldn't be waterproofed because it can ruin the finish of the material.

Here are some important tips for when you're buying a waterproofer for your shoes:

And, here are some tips for the waterproofing process:

So then your shoes will be protected, and all you have to do is try not to scuff your heels in the street ;)

Jodie x

Image by ivoryelephantphotograhy

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Posted by on 09 January 2011.