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So, here is one of my early attempts at staying with the new years commitment I shared in my last blog post - to style it up every day :)

As I'd mentioned, I recently bought a green statement cape by Staple - which I LOVE but had been considering returning, as it's a pretty intimidating piece to wear!! Instead, in the spirit of staying with my new years resolution, I tried to style it up this morning, but had something of a shoe dilemma. The outfit for underneath the cape was obvious to me - black, short and fitted, so that you can see the shape of the figure under the billowing material. So the shoes became the other defining feature that would either dress it up, down, or cause me to fail the style test (!) and have to return it… so here's what I tried…

First I tried it with the classic gladiator - really, these are always the tried and trusted shoe for me :)

Then I tried it with leopard print ballet flats - cute, right? sometimes pattern-on-pattern really works…

Then I did the unthinkable and went extra colour (really, I am SO bad with wearing colour, but as you can see, I'm working on it - bright green cape, hello!!) … I added some closed-toe turquoise suede pumps

And last of all, cork wedges with black, green and gold snakeskin - this felt kind of "resort" to me…

What do you think? I was thinking the ballet flats for walking to destination, then changing into towering heels - but which pair??

Jodie x

Update: thank you SO much!! the outfit was a success, and you'll never believe what happened... I met a gorgeous girl at the event who was also in love with the idea of a green cape! Random and fab huh? xx

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