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In the spirit of staying committed to styling in 2011, tomorrow I face a very formal styling challenge that takes me back to my days as a corporate lawyer. Tomorrow I am going to be in meetings with Ministers at Australia's parliament house in Canberra. Apart from being very excited about the opportunity, I've been absolutely racking my brains for the perfect formal-meets-fashion outfit.

I am pretty happy with the dress - it is a design that I had commissioned a little while ago. It's made from pinstripe Italian wool and has the softest lining that has never ever stuck to me. I think the high waist helps to make me look longer than I really am and the straps move it away from being too plain.

The back of the dress

The pinstripe material

That, with a crisp white shirt, that has a light stripe texture in the weave.

I've chosen to roll the sleeves up instead of leaving them long because the overall look seemed to work better this way - it felt more "styled". I've deliberately chosen plain colours for the outfit because I want my shoes to be the feature. But, I am wrestling with how bold to go - I don't want to be inappropriate, but I also don't want to be boring...

Here are the options:

Black and white brogues

Red mary janes

Yellow with bows

I am worried that the yellow shoes might be just a step too far - too casual for the overall look, so in my mind the really tough decision is between the black and white brogues and the red mary janes - what do you think?

Jodie x

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