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It would be remiss of me not to share my opinion on the shoes that should adorn the feet of princess to be Kate Middelton for the royal wedding. I mean, wasn’t it at some time every girls dream to meet a prince? and shouldn’t a princess to be have the most perfect shoes?

I have taken a look at what some fellow shoe-affectionados have suggested, and there are a couple worth a mention. Sentimentally I love the suggestion that she should wear the Christian Louboutins below, that were reputedly inspired by Princess Diana - Louboutin says "I wanted her to always have love at her feet". When you put your feet together they spell out love. Aw. Cute. BUT - sentimentality aside, I am confident Kate will be in ivory or white so black patent leather isn’t going to work!

LOVE shoes

Meanwhile, Belinda White at the Telegraph reported that Kate’s sister Pippa was spotted buying these shoes only a short time ago... I can see these working but would prefer to see Kate in our diamante t-bar heel instead :)

Dune shoes

Now, Queen Elizabeth got married in ivory duchess satin shoes embellished with silver pearls and Lady Diana’s slippers were decorated with 600 mother-of-pearl sequins. What will Kate do?

Lady Diana’s wedding slippers.

... And the answer is, Kate will do all styles of shoes on the big day! It’s been reported that she has commissioned 4 pairs of shoes, each of varying heel heights. Apparently, the four pairs include embroidered silk slippers for the ceremony, another pair of shoes for lunch, yet another pair for the wedding photos and a glamourous high pair of heels for evening.

While this is all speculation, if I were preparing four pairs of shoes for a royal wedding ceremony, this is what I would have suggested to the lovely Ms Middelton:

For the ceremony, I would normally have recommended a heel, but looking back at the shoes worn in previous royal wedding ceremonies, it seems that nothing more than a 1.5 inch heel is appropriate. This being the case (and that kitten heels are really coming into trend again - more about that later) I'd recommend these closed toe 1.5 inch heels. Demure, classic and feminine.

For lunch, something a little more open and fun, these 3.5 inch heels, open interlinking toes in ivory Italian silk. Note the “something blue” hidden under the toes!

The official photos probably call for something a little more serious again, so we’ll head back to the closed toe shoes, but this time in a 4.5 inch heel - just to emphasise how long and slender the princess in waiting is and you’ll see I have carried the same decorations across :)

And of course, the evening shoes! 4.5 inch peep toe heels for a time to dance and look totally glamourous.

Finally, I would have made Kate a pair of simple, bowed ivory Italian silk ballet flats to wear while she was getting ready, because the entire day should be fabulous!

What would you suggest to Kate? or, if it were your royal wedding, what would your 4 pairs of shoes be?

Jodie x

*PR photos

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