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Meet one of our gorgeous Shoes of Prey customers, Jill McMahon.

Jill is Founder and Creative Director of Pretty Pollution, a boutique creative services agency here in Sydney. With a graphic design background Jill has discerning eye for design, so it's no surprise that her look is such a perfect mix of tailored, modern, edgy chic. Take note of her glossy black fingernails and vintage leather skirt (acquired on Sydney's Crown Street) made girly and glamourous with her 4.5 inch gold soft leather Shoes of Prey heels. I took a couple of moments to catch up with Jill and ask her a few questions about her creative life.

Jill's 4.5 inch heel gold soft leather peep-toes, with a bow.

What is your favourite part of the creative process?

The one moment after the whirlwind at the beginning, in which you can see the solution that you will use - when you know that is the answer and you can start to build everything towards that.

What's your earliest memory of creativity? and fashion?

I was always drawing animals - we had dogs and I would always draw them. My earliest memory of fashion was that I always wanted to pick what I would wear. I would end up in neon tights and a slouchy jumper. As I got a little older I loved dresses and I remember being teased by the older girls who had started to wear grunge clothing!, But, I just kept wearing my cute dresses.

A young Jill in one of her cute dresses..

What elements do you like working with in design?

At the moment I love to work with really beautiful photography and design elements that enhance rather than overpower the image. I really love the images on We Heart It - such candid and beautiful moments.

I also love working with typography and illustration - two of my favourite things!

What inspires you?

Exciting, fresh, new things. Anything that pushes the boundaries… anything that gives that warm and fuzzy feeling inside! I'm also inspired by things in nature - really getting back to nature in the middle of nowhere and opening your mind always helps with new ideas!

Tell us about how you designed your Shoes of Prey heels?

Choosing my shoe details and fabrics was very easy for me – I knew exactly what I want and how I need it to look! That’s why I fell in love Shoes of Prey the minute I saw them! I can’'t even tell you the amount of times I have gone looking for shoes a particular style, colour and shape and come home disappointed and empty handed – now I will always have shoes that are tailor made to match my style and my outfits!

With the gold shoes, I needed it to match a dress with antique golden French lace hand sewn with sequins and beads. I took a sample with me to the Shoes of Prey studio and began looking at the fabrics. I narrowed it down pretty quickly to the gold leather as it matched the best with the lace. Next was choosing the height and the detail – I LOVE height so that was also easy – “give me the tallest you have!!!!” I’m obsessed with bows right now so of course, I had to finish off my design with the prettiest little bow!

I also loved designing my ballet flats. Again this was easy – I had just bought a few different black patent leather belts (a staple in my wardrobe!!) and wanted black flats to match (for the days im too tired for heels!) I loved the shiney snakeskin so I locked that in…. And of course,– I finished them off with a big double bow! Adorable, I love them, I wear them at least twice a week!!!!

I hope you've enjoyed meeting and getting to know Jill as much as we have! Start designing your own perfect shoes now!

Jodie x

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