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Following on from my earlier post speculating on the style of shoe that would adorn the feet of the new Princess Kate on her wedding day, here are my shoe highlights from the big day:

I am so happy that Kate wore heels for the ceremony! I really thought she may have been bound by tradition to wear a lower heel, but she didn't! Above I have picked up a photo from Shoeblog that shows shoes very similar to the ones Princess Kate wore. Shoeblog went on to report the following extraordinary tale of creation of her custom wedding shoes - they were:

custom-made shoes by Alexander McQueen. The lace pattern (not shown but similiar to the above Alexander McQueen shoes) matched the lace on the wedding dress and was hand-embroidered by the Royal School of Needlework. It is said that, to make the lace, workers washed their hands every thirty minutes to keep the lace and threads pristine with the needles being renewed every three hours to keep them sharp and clean.

*Sigh*. How incredible!

There is no doubt in my mind that Pippa Middleton also deserves a mention! Although I have not been able to find her ceremony shoes, here is a picture of the pair by Aruna Seth that she wore to the reception afterwards:

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And to Victoria Beckham. Her heels were skyscraping Louboutins that every girl would covet to have in her closet and while the rest of her outfit has garnered some criticism, the shoes were fabulous. Here is an image of them from MyShoephoria

And last but not least, on her first outing as the Princess she wore black patent wedges with platform - very cool, very relaxed but very on trend.

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And that's my wrap up on shoes of the Royal Wedding :)

Jodie x

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