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As with any type of heel a change in the height can change the overall look of the heel and shoe design. Because our shoe-designer is conceptual in this respect, I thought I would show you the wedges at each height we offer: 4 inch, 3 inch, 2.5 inch and 2 inch.

My personal favourite is the 4 inch wedge. As you might have noticed I particularly adore higher heels so this "favourite" is probably not much of a surprise to you! Aside from being taller, I really love the shape that the heel creates. I find it to be very feminine.

The 3 inch heel is the comfortable high heel. You'll barely even notice that you're wearing heels, but you'll still get that boost of height!

A 2.5 inch heel is both shapely and just a little more gentle to wear than the 3 inch wedge. If you have problem feet that don't take well to any pressure on the ball of the foot, this could be perfect for you.

Our 2 inch heel can become quite casual, but as some of our customers have shown us, with the right design and material, this incredibly comfortable shoe can defy the impossible and be the most comfortable formal event shoe you've ever worn.

I hope that this helps! Do you wear wedge heels? Which height did you chose? How do you wear them?

Jodie x

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