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Very recently it was my birthday and one of my gifts was this fabulous leopard print dress. I admit, I am a teeny bit nervous about wearing it - it is very figure hugging and it's very bold (I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect big-shouldered, cropped jacket to wear over it) but I am SO excited about it... Which naturally got me to thinking about my next pair of shoes…

I've purposefully steered away from anything that covers the front of my foot - so no ankle boots, no ruffles, no Mary Janes, no t-bars, no gladiators. The reason why is that with this dress is I am trying to "look long" and I am afraid that anything covering the top of my foot will cut me off. I conceed though... maybe I should try an ankle boot just to see...

Anyway, here we go!

My first pick is a 4.5 inch stiletto heel in nude patent leather. Nude shoes are brilliant for making legs look longer than long - so this is kind of perfect for the look I want to try to achieve with this dress!

I was definitely loosing my balance in this photo!

My second pick is a 4.5 inch stiletto heel in green, apple green and gold patent leathers. I'm not sure why but I just LOVE this colour green with leopard print…

And finally, my last pick is my newest pair of custom-made shoes, 4 inch gold wedge heels with black patent leather straps - maybe this makes the dress too glam?

I loooove gold patent leather at the moment!

Which shoes do you prefer?

Jodie x

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