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Oh my goodness... I have so many new materials to share with you that I am beside myself with excitement!!

I will share designs with you made from these materials soon (I'll dedicate a blog post to each lovely new material), but I just wanted to show you the swatches that you can design with right now!

Firstly, it's COLD in Sydney right now. My fingers are freezing as I type this!! So, it seems only appropriate that we introduce something warm and snuggly... knits! I'm looking forward to making some ankle boots from these! (See lead image).

Secondly, I know it's getting warm and beautiful on the other side of the world, so be assured, I've got Summer on my mind for you! We have four new colours in the fishskin range. The first is a classic tan and gold, but the remaining three are light, bright Summer time colours!

On the more classical side of things, we have finally integrated the new red suede into the designer, along with the yellow and much requested royal blue silk - thank you for being so patient with us!

We also sought out a lovely shiny bronze soft leather for those Summer goddess moments.

And last but not least is a zebra print material. I know I've been a little *obsessed* with the leopard print... I have a feeling it will only be a matter of time before this is my new favorite...

And, to celebrate these new materials and we're giving away 12 free sets of samples - see our Facebook page to find out more!

But, if you just love what you see of course you can start designing with our new materials right now!


Jodie x

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