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Ok, this look genuinely took me some serious consideration and searching to put together. Admittedly, I haven’t sorted the jewelry out yet (suggestions welcome!) but I am close to having the core pieces nailed. 

The brief: I am heading to Summer-time Europe for a press engagement. I need to look business-like but feminine, Summery without being too casual. I choose the dress from Bianca Spender’s AW11 collection. I love it because the shape is very interesting and feminine, I had wanted a light colour for Summer that was neutral enough to mean business, and it steps into business-woman with a cropped tux jacket. 

However, there are more than one pair of shoes that look great with this dress. I’ve pulled out three looks below, tell me what you think! 

Look one: silver blue glitter heels. I thought that I should wear something that’s a little bit different, a little bit eye catching?

Look two: I’m not sure that you can see it properly in this image, but these are made from the shiny dark olivey grey patent leather. It’s such a great colour that’s neutral but interesting, and helps to pull the dark colour of the jacket together into the outfit a little more.

Lastly, 4.5 inch peep toe heels in a pearlescent cream snakeskin (that is finally on the way ladies!). This is a great neutral option that I think compliments the colour of the dress quite well.

Buy now or Customise (this material is finally on the way!! For now, the links to this design use the regular cream snakeskin)

Which pair do you think I should wear? And does anyone have any jewelry recommends? 

Jodie x
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