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The performance artist with the most fantastic blunt fringe that we’ve ever seen, Ms Florance Welch of Florence + the Machine has firmly established icon status on the fashion circut. The A-lister worked with Topshop on her 2009 Glastonbury outfit, and since then has been sporting Givenchy, Chanel, Mulberry and many more.

Her style is transcendent of the sense of complete, carefree, decadence. She dresses to perfection without ever being too glossy, too perfect, too preened. In other words - she manages that tricky balance of being a rock star with being a couture siren brilliantly. Her style choices are often heavily patterned, textured clothing across a neutral palette.

So, let’s take a look! I love this modern cocktail dress full of incredible dark patterning and careful gathers to flatter her figure:

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And of course I really like her wedge-heel ankle boots! Here are my take on this look:

I love the shiny, draping shapes created with the fringing on this dress:

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Which would go perfectly with shoes made from the recently added coppery bronze shiny soft leather:

And last but not least, this lacy, tiered long gown that really could have looked bridal, if it weren’t for Florence Welch working her rock star magic in it.

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I hope you enjoyed!

Jodie x

Images by PR photos, no endorsement implied.

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