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Image by de la fuente weddings

As we come closer to wedding season (otherwise known as September) now is the time that we see our blushing brides finalise their shoe designs so that they will have them in time for final fittings.

We see some beautiful traditional and non-traditional designs come through and they are really inspiring. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to see a photo of how the outfit came together, so I thought I would share some of them with you. 

The gorgeous lead image is of Melissa’s wedding day. As you can see she went for the non-traditional colour of light and bright green suede, that works absolutely perfectly with the chosen palette.

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The next is a much more traditional colour palette and design, but still not the traditional ivory or white silk shoe. As you can see, they were a perfect match for Jane’s dress!

Shannon was daring in her design, choosing a completely black shoe - and while conceptually this is intimidating, as you can see here, with the right design it can be absolutely gorgeous! I think that the choice of a traditional formal material (silk) also helps.

Lastly, I wanted to share an image from Jodi’s wedding. You might recall having seen this shot in my post called Bride of the year, which Jodi is in the running for! Slightly different to the above, Jodi’s bridesmaids all designed their shoes with us. The material was selected (in this case orange patent leather) and the girls each designed something that best fitted their personality and comfort. I love this idea and as you can see, it turned out perfectly!

You can start designing your very own fabulous orange patent leather heels here!

I hope that this has helped to spark some inspiration for brides and bridesmaids alike out there and if you do have a September wedding coming up, start designing now!

Jodie x
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