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The northern hemisphere Summer season is well underway. I love that Summer turns big urban iconic cities into glittering oasis', carrying the anticipation of holidays, balmy evenings, great food and relaxation.

Living in a city myself, one of my favorite urban Summer moments is when the first warm Summer breezes start - and for the first time in months you can enjoy the feeling of the wind on your shoulders rather than rugging up against it!

If you are staying in the city, or going to a city for the Northern Summer, there are a few packing essentials to consider. Here are just a few that make it into my suitcase everytime:

Flat shoes for long meandering walks exploring lane-ways, cute neighbourhoods, local stores and fun cafes.

This is a sneak peek at our peep-toe flats, here in dull blue hair and nude patent leather - what do you think?

Slouchy shoulder bag or tote to carry my camera, wallet, phone and a bottle of water while my hands are free to pick up interesting things in the local marketplace!

A lightweight scarf to accessorise with, or wrap over my shoulders in the scorching sun, or to fend off any coolness at twilight and sunglasses - of course! I really like the tortoise shell keyhole shape for an urban Summer break.

Statement heels, to add glamour for a balmy Summer evening event, but in a light neutral enough colour to go with everything so that you don’t have to pack too many pairs of heels!

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Are you staying in the city this Summer? What's hot where you are? And, what shoes will you be wearing?

Jodie x
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