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I often look into my shoe cupboard (yes, I have an entire cupboard dedicated to my shoe collection - it's my dream to have an entire room dedicated to my wardrobe one day) and lament that there is an even more perfect shoe design for the outfit I am wearing, other than those in the collection sitting in front of me. But, sometimes I also like to play the game "what if I were stranded on a desert island...." which shoes would I take?

And, maybe unsurprisingly, I can't get it down to less than four pairs of shoes. So I am convinced, that there are four shoe styles that every woman should own.

The first I am sure is completely obvious! Ballet flats cannot be overlooked. They are the feminine staple for long walks, days when we're more tired than uplifted and the perfect Sunday-brunch-with-the-girls shoe.

Another classic every-day shoe is the "neutral shoe". Depending on your wardrobe, this might be a black shoe, or a tan shoe in a heel height that you're comfortable to wear all day at the office. For me, this is a 4.5 inch heel (I cannot resist) in the gladiator style :) Maybe a more sensible choice would be a closed toe 3.5inch stiletto

Although we get a little less wear out of them, a statement shoe is incredibly important for moments where you need to step into a chic event looking and feeling fabulous. They're great for translating a day look to night, and they can breathe new glamour into an outfit you didn't think you could reinvent again!

On the other end of the scale, sometimes the key to an outfit is to add some toughness! And, over the past couple of seasons we've seen this executed to great success by pairing floaty ethereal dresses with ankle boots. These will also keep feet warm and dry in the Winter months, whether you're wearing cool blue denim or a tailored black pencil skirt.

So, if you were on a desert island, what would your four pairs of shoes be?

Jodie x
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