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The drama and the colour of Rihanna’s bold style is incredibly exciting because I could never have imagined it working so well. Personally, I think that her signature look starts with her hair (currently that brilliant tomato red) curled, whipped into a quiff - always perfectly placed. And from there, her look pretty much follows no rules. She borrows from 1950’s pin up girls, often integrates black leather and big shoulders, and interestingly frequently wears a pointy-toe shoe. Let’s take a look! 

Here are those big shoulders! Rihanna’s petite sharp features make this slightly androgynous look nothing but edgy and feminine. Of course the cropped trousers and high-sheen material also contribute! And, as you can see, the point toe shape begins!!

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This next look is definitely one of my Rihanna favorites. Her hair style, the oversized bow, choice of colour and pencil skirt all help paint the 1950’s genre here. And, checkout pointy toe number 2!

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Last but not least, I searched high and low for a shoe that would break the pointy toe mould (and even then I am not convinced that these are strictly round....) Here you can see a fantastic patent leather wedge - I struggled to see the colours properly in this shot, but on carefully zooming and studying, in I think they are red and orange!

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Which look a little something like this:

What’s your favorite Rihanna look? 

Jodie x
Images by PR Photos.

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