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This week I wanted to take a look at a surprisingly under-used colour in our range - pink patent leather. I must admit that the true colour is more of a coral pink than you may have in mind, and this shade difference really makes for incredible design highlights with otherwise neutral colours, without making a pair of shoes that take too much thinking to put with an outfit...! 

So, some great combinations include pink patent leather with: 

Nude patent leather

Black patent leather (of course!) or midnight blue patent leather for a little change-up. 

Tan soft leather - now for this one I actually don’t have a pair of shoes to show you - but above is my design that you can either
Buy now or Customise. I love this design because it's a cute "surprise" of colour on an otherwise very practical summer shoe!

And here is an image of the swatches side-by-side - I've included tan in this (far left) as well as dark tan (far right) so that you can see the difference between the two. 

I hope that this helps inspire some new combinations that you might not have been thinking about - and also let me know if there are some combinations you’d like to see! 

Jodie x
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