Design your perfect shoes with Shoes of Prey Design your perfect shoes with Shoes of Prey

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Custom Bridal Shoes in over 170 different materials including ivory silk and white lace

Endless Materials & Shapes

You can choose from over 170 different materials including lace overlays and ivory, blue and pink silks. These materials can be brought to life on one of 12 base shapes and you have the option of designing anything from a cute pair of flats to some towering heels. Every detail can be tweaked, from the addition of a decorative rose or bow to a peep-toe or strap, we've thought of everything to ensure that the final shoe is exactly how you imagined it.

Genuine Leathers & Italian Silks

Match the shade of your dress with our quality Italian Silks or Soft Leathers or offset all that white with a pop of neon or glitter so as to express your inner-self through your shoes. Using Shoes of Prey materials will mean your shoes will look great and last long after the cake has been cut and the bouquet has been tossed.

Perfect Fit Guarantee

At Shoes of Prey we offer free shipping internationally and a 365 day returns policy that means if your shoes aren't just as you want them you can have them remade or get a full refund within one year completely free of charge.

We started making brides' shoe-dreams come true when Shoes of Prey began in 2009. So make sure that when you walk down the aisle, you're wearing the most perfect pair of shoes you have ever owned.

Start by picking a heel height...

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Testimonials from Brides

"I couldn't find the perfect pair for the big day (the colour also matched my clutch and flowers). I had some help from the girls in your Sydney store and they were fantastic and really helpful. The shoes were amazing on the day, I wore them for over 12 hours straight with no blisters.... but most importantly they looked amazing."

— Ashley

Photo credit: Ash N Trito Heritier

"I wore my shoes all day and night, pain-free. I did not need to change shoes. Moreover, even after walking in the grass, danced to rock, they are intact. I have only had praise for my beautiful pair of shoes… I am delighted and I will order again."

— Elodie

Photo credit: Ash N Trito Heritier

"I would like to thank you for all your hard work on my beautiful shoes. Thank you for doing the remakes and making them perfect for my wedding day. I received many many compliments on them. Not to mention that although they were very high, they were so comfortable that I had them on all night. You guys are amazing!"

— Donica

Photo credit: Chris J. Evans Photography

"They fit perfectly, they were beautiful, and they were comfortable enough to dance in all night long. Thank you so much!"

— Audra

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