It's one thing shoppers love about Shoes of Prey: the mixing and matching. Choosing colors, changing heel heights, throwing on a bow and knowing you'll be the only person on the planet to rock that shoe.

Through the Shoes of Prey Style Collection, we've highlighted all the ways you can accessorise your shoes. From bows to ruffles to lining and premium materials, we make it easy to chop and change to craft a design that's uniquely yours. See our style base prices and add-on prices - you can control the cost of your design.

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Classic pillowy bow.
Classic pillowy bow, hand-stitched to the top edge of the shoe heel.
Our wedge heels are unique to you - hand crafted for each order.
Footwear-quality black or cream lace overlay to layer over other materials.
Choose from our range of soft leathers to make a statement especially for you.
$20 - $50
Premium materials - including fishskin, snakeskin, hair, silk and sparkle.
$20 - $30
Four or more materials incorporated into one shoe design.
Style features that are intricate and time-consuming to produce.
Add a personal inscription to transform your shoes into a truly personalised keepsake.
Add piping or trimming to your shoe for a chic finishing touch.
Shoes of Prey exclusive designer collaboration.
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